Buildings v Landlords Buildings insurance

Hi, new landlord here

I’m probably being a bit thick but I am about to rent my house out due to having to relocate for a new job.

I am not due to move out until the end of this month, but my annual buildings and contents insurance is now due.

My plan was to do separate policies, so I can update my contents once I move to my new property and the buildings will stay in place for my existing house.

I am then taking out landlords insurance, but is this just buildings insurance again? I don’t want to not take it out if it’s needed but I also don’t want to duplicate and pay for two policies for the same thing

Can you point me in the right direction?

Many thanks

If it is within 14 days, you can use the cool off period to cancel the home insurance and start a new landlord insurance.

Not sure the building insurance is for the home or for renting, you need to check out with the insurance. But I guess they are two separate entity. Content insurance is definitely different. I bought building and content when starting the tenancy. But anyway, the landlord insurance for both building and content is not very expensive, £15-20 per month.