Buy to let house left dirty by tenant

dear landlords

my tenant left last week. the house was dirty. kitchen , reception, oven, walls - all had marks. also behind cooker it was filthy. behind the washing machine it was filthy.
there were colour pencil marks in the reception room. The 2nd bedroom had marks on the wall. garden was not cut on time - also a huge bush had overgrown - they never trimmed.

can i keep the deposit? i estimate its going to cost me £900 to get the painting and deep clean done. Only then is house fit to rent out again - please advice


Did you register their deposit?
Did you perform a written and photographic inventory when they moved in?
Have you done performed an exit inventory on their departure?

You may want to write to your tenants and tell them what needs doing , what the cost is and do they want to come back and do it.
Don’t just get a company to write a receipt. It must be detailed documenting everything that was done.
If they do not dispute you may be ok. If they dispute you shall need evidence to support your claim.

I’d be amazed if you get awarded anywhere near £900. From what youve said nearer £200-250.