Deposit dispute / property sold

Looking for some advice.

I have recently left a property as a tenant, I had lived there 4 years with my children and had no major problems. The property was sold by my landlord to a new landlord who completed their purchase the day after I moved out and the new tenants moved in less than a week later.

The property was left in good working order and thoroughly cleaned by myself and my mother over 2 days. I paid for carpets to be professionally cleaned.

The check out inventory noted that there were a couple of cleaning omissions - there was one door ledge which had dust on it and the venetian blind in the kitchen was dusty.
They also stated there were smear marks on a window downstairs (these were following it being cleaned!), some scale remaining on shower door and shower fittings, and a mark in one kitchen cupboard.

They want me to now pay for a professional clean of the property out of my deposit.

Am I understanding it right that this is the new landlord making this demand? As he is now the owner of the property?

Also am I right in thinking it is completely unreasonable for me to pay for a professional clean when the only issues were as above and the new tenants have now already been living there a week. (The original contract had stated the property had to be cleaned either professionally or by ourselves).

Thank you for your advice.

I assume you were not under contract as you had departed and returned the keys.
If so the new Landlord cannot chase you. Your tenancy terminated before he took over.
TBH I think he is trying it on. Do you have photographs of departure?

If not

Were you still under contract?
Did you hand the keys back?
You need to read the contract.
Is there a clause transferring obligation to the new Landlord?
Was the deposit transferred to the new Landlord and were you given all the appropriate paperwork by them?
You can take legal action against the new Landlord for the deposit and up to three times the rent ( just remind him of legislation for not protecting the deposit and the potential financial penalties to him)
Did the original Landlord protect the deposit and serve all the appropriate paperwork
Do you have photos of your departure?

Thank you for your reply.

I departed and returned the keys to the letting agency. The new landlord completed the purchase of the property the following day and re-let the property straight away through a different letting agent (to a tenant I had kindly lined up for them!)

I had presumed my deposit, which is held in a scheme, must have transferred to the new landlord. But am wondering if this is in fact correct.

Photos were taken on the checkout inventory by the letting agent I and the old landlord were with (and who are handling the deposit dispute).

Your new Landlord has no rights
You need to contact the lettings agent
Your deposit is the responsibility of the old Landlord. The sale occurred after your departure.

Threaten them with legal action ref deposit return
Threaten estate agent with the redress scheme if they are non cooperative and call the deposit scheme and ask them what the process is

Is your deposit in a custodial or insured scheme and who is listed as responsible on your documents the old Landlord or the estate agent?

Insured scheme return is 10 days by law
Custodial scheme 14 days recommended only, no legislation on time frame.
You may need to go through the laborious process of statutory declaration

Thank you. I have emailed the agent to ask those questions.