Buying Portfolios

I am looking to grow my BTL portfolio in west yorkshire quickly and so considering buying existing portfolios. I can buy for cash and therefore offer certainty of a quick sale, in return I need a 20% discount.

I want to hear opinions from landlords if this sounds like an attractive proposition?

Where would likely be the best place to find prospective sellers?

Finally, is it a good idea to take on whole portfolios or to cherry pick only the ones that fit my strategy?

Always Cherry pick. The last thing you want is properties that do not match whatever your strategy is. Aslo, hang on I would be surprised if property did not drop at least 10% in the coming year.

Thanks I would prefer to cherry pick but was thinking if the seller wants shut of the lot, then in order for me to achieve that discount I may have to take everything then perhaps package up and sell on the ones that don’t suit my portfolio.