Can I charge a tenant who is requesting to add his mother to the agreement

I have a tenant of approximately 2 months, he has asked if his mother can be added to the AST as she needs proof of address to obtain a blue badge.
Can I charge the existing tenant a fee for doing this?
What procedures do I need to follow if I agree to do the chande required.
Many thanks David

You can charge ÂŁ50 inc vat if you have included this clause in your contract

Is his mother living there? Does she have any money to pay the rent? If you agree, which I wouldnt without a lot more questions, you should reference her like everyone else.


I wouldn’t get involved with this. Not only does it increase your headache as a landlord but you gain nothing from it.

Is the tenant on DSS? Could create a problem there.

To add insult to injury she is probably committing fraud to obtain the blue badge and I wouldn’t get involved with that.


Why can’t she get a blue badge where she actually lives?


I assume she does live there but is not a named tenant.

I wouldn’t do this. You are giving her the right to live at your property without checking references. Possibly also being complicit in a fraud.


Listen it’s the oldest con in life David yes charge at better rate or get rid of mate :+1: