Can I Lease properties in my name to a limited company that is in my name


I have few properties that I am currently letting, they all are in my name and would like to know if its legal to let properties to a limited company(me as director) at a rent lower than market rate and then let the properties via company

Thanks in advance

Provided all taxes are paid then I can’t see why not.

What is the reason for doing this?

I’m not sure what the advantage would be as the company then owns the rental income, not you. If its your company there could be extra taxes to pay such as corporation tax on profits, employers and employees NI etc. also dividend limits are now very low.

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I am in high tax bracket because of other business, my thought process was to leave the profit in the company and use it somepoint in future if needed. My main concern - is it legal to let properties below market rate to limited company in my name and then company let it out private tenants.