Own rental from limited company

Hi. Can anybody advise if could move into a rented property that they own through a limited company, use the property as head office, the outbuildings and garage as storage and pay a reduced rent to the limited company. We are thinking of selling our home which we own and moveing into one of our rentals.

If you have a mortgage on it then this my be precluded. Depending on what your office does, you should check to make sure your not breaching the terms of any mortgage, lease, restrictive covenant or insurance policy. You should also check with the Council in case there are restrictions on businesses operating from the property. Otherwise youre probably ok to do it, but I think HMRC would require your company to charge a market rent. Get some paid for tax advice first.

mmh, i wouldnt mention it to the council if its just you doing a low profile work from home quite thing. What i would do is speak to your accountant.
Inland revenue have teeth and they can fish and tie your time up so comprehensively then fine you etc. You wont find that key advice on here, make sure what you are doing is kosher in terms of tax.
The council might tip you out and your lender might ask you to move out but that does not compare to what the IR can do with your life. Consider insurance btw for IR audit if you have a limited company thats got a reasonable profit say £100k +

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