Can I pursue a Guarantor if the tenants didn't leave a forwarding address

If you feel so strongly about it why don’t you rent to them for free so they can save and buy their own home or even better give your properties away to these people you are so sympathetic to.


well said AA. the reason that we do have a shortage of affordable renting homes is because the tory gov allowed huge numbers of council houses to be sold off cheaply to sitting tenants . Young people and immigrants are ignorant of this fact


I don’t think you are a landlord and are on the wrong group. This is here for advice and guidance. My doubts come in with your first bit of advice you gave it was neither advising it was ranting with no actual relatable story. I’ve only had one story in fact.

People seem to think landlords magically gain property and overlook the 25% of the value they have managed to save, the 3 or 4% tax to buy. The upkeep and maintenance required which is costly. It is not a get rich a scheme it’s an investment.

I’ve worked constantly since I was 15 come from nothing and I mean nothing, I’ve lost jobs, I’ve gone through trauma and still managed to come out without a CCJ. I’m sick of excuses for CCJ’s, companies will work with people to help with debt to avoid this. Unless something devastating has happened where a person can not use a phone or Internet there is no reason a CCJ should be there. I worked for a bank so can verify this !

Please don’t comment any further we are getting away from the point of my question.


I agree they should have the right to buy but the money should have been used to rebuild. The discounts should not been as extreme they should of been based on a rebuild cost.

Thanks for your help Colin you always talk sense.

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Immigrants are perfectly aware of Thatcher selling off council houses. Of course there can be more than one cause for any effect.

You profess to be an upstanding and pure citizen becuase you own houses but insult people and show no respect. Having bad debt doesn’t make you a bad person but insulting strangers and thinking money is everything certainly makes you look a bit dubious. I know awful landlords and great people who can’t afford a flat. You need perspective and you just proved it.

Are you a tenant masquerading as a landlord or a landlord?

this person is a trolling tenant . With a chip on his shoulder, He will fade into obscurity

Leslie 1 Stay calm lad. He will fade away

You are a sad individual. Have a nice life.

Well that escalated quickly.

Anyway can I take a guarantor to court and bypass the tenants due to lack of address ? :star_struck:

That is why you have a guarantor

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Ask the guarantor, then go from there

I’ve sent two letters to the guarantor with no response.

Their address is correct, also they are a member of my tenants family so they will know I’m making contact.

In court I didn’t know if I would be expected to pay out for a tracing service to find them. I don’t want to keep throwing money at this if there’s a fear I will lose.

The tenants disputed everything with DPS, even though they admitted things on an email albeit with excuses.

Are the small claims court favourable with landlords ?