Unpaid rent...chasing guarantor

Hi. I wonder if you can help. A tenant who moved out in July 2020 has left owing rent of about £275. I have written to the tenant, no reply and to the guarantor no reply. I was wondering if anyone had a specimen letter for me to send to the guarantor requesting payment and advising that if payment is not received that I will instigate proceedings through the small claims court (online). I only own one property so don’t have much experience in this area. Any help with the specimen letter or general guidance would be really appreciated. Many thanks

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They are available on line
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Hi Alumni Accommodation, thanks for your reply. I’ve searched high and low online and cannot find any specimens. Any help will be great and if you wouldn’t mind perhaps you could send me an email with the link ( stevedalby@virginmedia.com) many thanks

If you join the NRLA, you will have access to most of the documents you need as a landlord

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I doesn’t have to be a legally precise document. Simply send the guarantor a recorded delivery letter stating the tenant owes you ex, and you hold the guarantor responsible for the debt, as in the contract. Allow them 14 days to respond, and then make a money claim online.

Do you not have a deposit to cover such a small amount?

An online Money claim cost £25 ( and another £175 for Bailiffs to enforce it ) you have to consider if the Debtor is on benefits, it the debt is worth pursuing ( you have 6 years to bring and enforce a claim )
You could ask for free advice - (3rd party referral / service removed)

You need to be firm with something like this. Did they just leave ? Is your property abandoned by them or give formal notice of leaving? Don’t get drawn into endless correspondence. Send a short letter to tenant and to the guarantor stating the facts and give them 14 days to pay their debt otherwise court action will follow, ie this is your formal warning letter to them before formal court claim. No response then commence claim against guarantor (which is the whole point of having a quarantor in the first place). If guarantor is not a home owner then you could be wasting your time. If you commence court proceedings and debt still unpaid be sure to claim judgement in default so that this unpaid debt gets recorded as a CCJ and warns others of potential financial problems they could also be letting themselves in for.