Can I sell my house? Is the break clause legal?

I have given a 24 month assured tenancy agreement (I know very stupid of me - I thought I was helping a family friend). I would like to sell the property and had given the tenant 4 months notice to leave in January. The Council have told the tenant not to leave and I am now looking at the break clauses. Earlier advice suggested I cannot use the 6 month break clause as the contract started in June 2020, Can I use a the following break clause?

1 Where the Landlord intends to sell the Property, the Landlord may end this Tenancy before the Tenancy end date specified in clause B4.1 by following these steps:

Step 1: Landlord gives written notice to the Tenant stating his intention to market the Property for sale, but no such notice may be given to the Tenant within the first 2 months of the Tenancy.

Step 2: Not more than 4 months after service of the notice required under Step 1, Landlord gives a break notice to the Tenant which:

(a) specifies the date on which the Tenancy will end which must be at least 2 months from the date of service of the break notice and at least 4 months after the date on which written notice was given under Step 1; and
(b) is accompanied by evidence showing that the Property is genuinely on the market for sale.

1.2 If the Landlord follows the steps set out in clause F5.1, the Tenancy will end on the date specified in the break notice.

Whether that break clause is valid would be up to a court to decide. Courts normally like to see reciprocity in break clauses and don’t like those which favour only the landlord, but it might be OK. Its not the best drafting, so you should get a legal opinion on it.

You should also be aware that a break clause only ends the fixed term and a periodic tenancy will then arise automatically by statute. You will then have to serve notice to end that tenancy. You may be able to use a s21 notice to serve for both functions. At the moment, the s21 notice period is 4 months. After this, if the tenant doesnt leave you would apply for a court possession order and ultimately bailiffs. The whole process would likely take around a year at the moment due to court backlogs.

My head hurts. I used the recommended template… more fool me (again). Thank you for all your support I will take some legal advice.