Can my tenant pay deposit first then rent a week before move in?

Hi. My tenant has paid the full deposit, that is the holding deposit plus the balance to make up the deposit. The contract has been signed by both parties. They want to pay the rent a week before move in date, which is mid Jan. I’m OK with thataand have agreed. But it seems the amount they paid is not considered as deposit but just a payment towards the overall amount of deposit plus 1st month rent. And OR has asked them to pay the rest before Dec 25 because of the deposit scheme. I don’t understand this. Is there any problem with this situation if they ignore the requests and pay a week before as I’ve agreed? Am I at any risk for anything? Thank you in advance

Keep it simple and pay the security deposit in full to the Deposit Scheme and use the holding deposit as part payment of the first month’s rent. There should be no issue with paying the rent early.

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