Can property be 'bumped' up listings?

I haven’t been able to discern this, so I suspect the answer may be no. I couldn’t arrange viewings with my current tenants at the outset, so my listing has become older as I’m getting viewings and I’d like to refresh it up the list.
Does, for instance, changing wording have the effect of moving up through the ranks on any site it’s on? Grateful for any advice on this.

It’s illegal to bump listings

You can still get a feature on rightmove if you drop the price by more than 3% (I think it is 3% it could be 5%)

Thanks for the warning MichaelA! My only experience has been on Spareroom where it is allowed by the site and happens continually. The price drop might work for me in a few days.

hmmm not used spare room myself as it seems more HMO-oriented. So I cant say I know about that. But yes, give the price drop a go if you’re willing to lose the rental income to gain a bump up.