Will pausing my advert for a few days and then restarting it bump it up to the most recent ads posted?

Hi all
I posted my ad about a week ago but have had few inquiries so far. As I am still quite a bit away from when the property becomes available for new tenancy (I tend to start early), I wondered if I can bump my ad to the top (most recent) of the list if I paused it for a few days, and reinstated again later.
It is too early to consider dropping the rent, but I am worried it won’t be seen any more as time goes on.
When I used to use traditional estate agents to advertise they told me to drop rent as the only way to get it to top of the list again. I’m not prepared to do that!

I am in a similar situation now. Have you had a response to this?

Hi Suzy, the short answer is no.

On OpenRent, we don’t list properties by ‘recently added’. Here is why:

On property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla, we don’t control the listing order, so you would have to contact them. However, we understand that only a 'significan’t drop in the price will cause an advert to be relisted at the top of the order.


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Hi Anastasia

I am not sure where is your property but rental is very slow at the moment in some part especially in some parts of London.

I had a few interest to view the flat but no reply after that. Even I have reduced price and no response.
I know some private landlords whose properties are still on market after 3months.

Traditional estate agents would say anything and always ask to drop the price as they wanted their commission. It does not work if you reduce the price your property would be listed on top.

Let’s hope you and others including would find tenants soon.