Canbabies farm and false I’d how do I evict

So after 4 months the property has been raided and a full cabin is farm found tenants are Jo where to be seen police have changed locks and all documents provided did belong to someone just not the person who was at the house so now no way to send papers do I even need to and no way to contact
Would live some advice on this one please

@Alison22 this sounds a horrendous predicament. How have things evolved?
Have you got your property back yet?
Any advice to give in hindsight, please?
Best wishes

Get a private detective

Clearly when any tenancy is “abandoned”, there is a risk that if the landlord takes back possession without due process, then they may get sued for illegal eviction. The question you have to ask yourself now is whether someone who was operating an illegal cannabis farm is likely to come forward to sue you. In your shoes, I would just change the locks and move-on.