Cancel Gas Safety Check

Does anybody know how to go about cancelling a Gas Safety Check done through Open Rent? I can’t get hold of the engineer and there is no option to cancel on Open Rent…

No idea how to do this but there used to be an option to phone Open Rent, not sure if this still exists.

Had bad experience using gas ‘engineer’ booked through OR. Fine first time but tried to use same person again in subsequent years and got let down on the day a couple of times. Then when chased up to find out why, person was very rude. Now I just look on the Gas Safety register for local engineers and find my own.

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Easy to cancel. From you dashboard , click services, recently ordered service, gas safety.

This should list the current and ir, previous orders.

You will get the button to cancel an unfulfilled order - if that makes sense.

See the attached image

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