Canceled Gas Safety Certificate with Open Rent

Will my payment be refunded?
I waited for a week for them to get in touch. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. And we’re going to start advertising our flat in a couple of days. Or once you paid, your money is their money?
Can Open Rent CS confirm?

I can’t see any CP12 orders on your account, but you should see a cancel button on your dashboard if you do have an order (with a different account?). That will issue a full refund, and is available 24/7 until your job is booked in.

On rare occasions it can take us over a week to find an engineer with availability on your specified date, it all depends on the area and how many gas jobs our engineers have been assigned to already. Apologies if we couldn’t get this confirmed soon enough, and I hope you manage to find an engineer ASAP.