Can't find my listing when searching in openrent

Hello All,

New to OpenRent.
Just published my first listing about 12 hours ago.
Although I was emailed that my listing is already on OpenRent and a link to it, I can’t find my listing when searching for it in OpenRent. Also the link provided for Zoopla shows 0 results. It says Zoopla listing should show up within 6 hours. I paid for the full tenancy opton so should be able to see it on zoopla.
Any idea why this is?
I added my listing at 6:30pm on Friday. Wonder if someone needs to review it first and they haven’t.


dont worry on some places like zoopla gumtree it takes a bit longer .It did with my places You will get good results with openrent. Patience Lad!

My ad showed up in searches in openrent about 20 hours after it was posted. I guess it was the Friday evening thing.

Anthony10 Yes they will get back to you on monday. For rightmove you have to prove you own the property by means of a land registry doccument e mailed. Have you done this?

Hi Anthony, Yes if your advert needs approving (e.g. to go on the portals) then it can take a little bit longer if you post it on a Friday evening.

Everything is now up and running I trust?


Yes I did straight away.

Yes everything up and running after 20 hours. I guess this is normal for Friday eve posting