Car Park rental

Hi all, i’m a potential 1st time landlord. I have a flat to rent out but also an underground car park spot, for 1 car.

  1. Can i rent out the flat and the parking spot separately?
  2. If yes: How does the car park rental actually works, contractually?

Q1 Yes but you may need to stipulate on the contract that the space and property are separate
Q2 You require a contract for the space

Speak to your solicitor

If the property is leasehold (with/out share of freehold) you need to check the clauses relating to the carparking space. Some only grant permission for the flat owner/guest to use the space but no renting out (also can pose a security issue for insurance purposes). This means you do not actually own the space. Some leases define the parking space you own but again may stipulate that it cannot be rented out.

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