Private car park hell

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I rent privately in Essex and there has been a very drawn out problem with the private car park. There are two flats down my close, and each flat owner (8 all together) The car park isn’t very big however each flat is entitled to two parking spaces only. We are the only flat that doesn’t know where our spaces are so we’re having to put up with hostility from people across the road when we sometimes have nowhere to park and have to get in where we can, the person I live with has mobility problems so this has been very hard on them when we can’t even park in our own car park. Everyone else seems to know their parking spaces, however I have been in touch with my landlord hundreds of times having to pester him about where our parking is. About 8 months later (Yesterday) he could only tell us the numbers not the location… which really isn’t helpful. I’ve reached out to everyone including my local council, land registry even the citizens advice and we still have no idea where we’re meant to park. I’ve asked the only two families that are approachable in my own flat complex who have told us their numbers/spaces, in fact I use one of their spaces as they only have the one car, the other person who I live with really struggles. I have purchases various documents to from land registry that do not show our marked spaces.

My question is, is there anybody who may know what I could do next? I’ve completely run out of options and it’s quite sad when you come home from work and you either hear that an angry neighbour has had a go again or you have to worry about being able to get near your own flat. Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you.

this is difficult Do you know who the builder / architect was when built.? They may have orriginal plans

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I only know of the registered owner who are known as CWGR Limited, however there is absolutely no way of contacting them unfortunately. Silly question but would there be a swift way of finding out who originally built a property?

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Not a silly question but i don t know about swift. building control or the Planning dept may still have plans BUT it depends how old the block is . Then the parking may have been allocated well after the block was built. The freeholder should know . You could get a property lawyer on the case?

I would be walking around all the parking spaces and checking the numbers which are usually painted on the surface. Mine had been worn away but a neighbour had put a notice up indicating it belonged to them (giving them 3 spaces) Solicitor sorted it. FYI it was quite a distance from the property.

Could you write to the other 8 flats or knock on their doors (if that’s permitted in Covid times) and ask them their numbers?

Not sure I am understanding the size of the car park. Are there more than 16 spaces that others have authorisation to use?

Thank you for the replies guys, and I haven’t thought of contacting a property lawyer about this yet I will look into this tomorrow.

@Mr_T Writing to them might be a good idea, however they seem to be very hostile. We’ve had runnings with them in the past, they’re all mostly young men who do drugs on a daily basis round here, it’s not easy to approach these people. Prefer to keep clear to be honest. There are 15 spaces in total and all of them are mostly taken up by people who own more than 3 cars exeeding their space limits of two each.

there has got to be a management company , they must be made to keep control of parking. You need a solicitor to enforce this

I don’t blame you for not wanting to approach them in that case.

Even if you found out which spaces were yours sounds like you would still have trouble getting into the spaces if others are using them. Doesn’t sound like they are the sort of people who would appreciate you reclaiming them.

Think Colin is correct about the management company. They need to sort it out and enforce it.

If you pay £3 you can download a copy of the lease for the property from the Land Registry. If the lease includes parking spaces then details should be included within the contents.

I am now in touch with a lawyer about the issue. Also I’ve already paid £3 for all that information, I’ve been through it all and nothing is listed. Makes me think someones either lying about assigned spaces or someones lost the required documents.

Its possible that the car park is legally just for residents on a first come first served basis, but that certain other leaseholders have become a bit proprietorial about “their space”

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When I bought my flat there was a ground plan on purchase documents which showed the exact location of the parking space bought with the flat. The flat owner should have this. However if the owner has a mortgage on the flat the documents may be with the mortgage lender

The residents who own their properties only use up two of their own, there is only one flat with two people living there who own their flat and the rest are renters, one of the renters is using up more parking spaces, I asked them about it once and they very wisely replied “f off” so they’re not really the ideal people to keep approaching. It’s been a huge headache as I am constantly asking my landlord and the property management and all they can provide is a number, which is useless as the spaces aren’t numbered anywhere, physically or on any kind of document.

Ask them to repaint the numbers