Celebrating the End of Tenant Fees in England & Wales 🎉


I struggle to see anything OpenRent have done which helps landlords specifically in all those links you reference.

We’ve got licencing coming in from the council in many of our Cities. In mine they stipulates amongst many aspects a legal duty for the landlord to manage anti-social behaviour from the tenants. We’ve then got the threat of section 21 being abolished - so how do we manage anti-social behaviour without using a section 8 route, which turns us into private detectives gathering evidence. This is just one example where landlords are getting squeezed and many are exiting the market.

I’ts struck a chord particularly as you’re celebrating the fee ban and after checking - I could see nothing OpenRent are doing to help landlords.

Whilst I do like the OpenRent platform and will continue to use it for the foreseeable - you need to realise many agents are going down the online route and you need to be working harder to distinguish yourselves. With your clout you should have private landlords interests at the top of your agenda as all your revenue is now coming from us in it’s entirety.


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