Moving to Openrent from another agent

Dear all:
I have a tenant in my flat and we both want to renew the tenancy for another year and do so with openrent. The tenant was found by JLL one year ago and their T&C(which I signed) states that I have to continue to pay JLL indefinitely if current tenant stays, regardless who setup the new tenancy even the old tenancy has expired (unless the tenant move out of the flat for one month before comeback in, i.e. termination).
Googled around it seems this is a common practice by letting agencies. A weak defense against this is to claim such open ended clause is unfair.
I understand agencies make effort in finding this tenant (so no problem paying them for the length of tenancy they setup) but feels unfair I have to pay them renewing it after the tenancy expired.
Anyone has experience of dealing or mitigating such cost?

Hi Zoushuo,

I disagree! I don’t think it’s fair that landlords have to pay every month just because the agent found tenants once at the start. Especially when finding a tenant now just means putting an advert online. That’s why we only charge £29 once, not 7% of your rent ad infinitum.

Great to hear you’d like to switch to OpenRent!

We’ve discussed how to to do this before, here:

Have a look and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask them there.