CGT reduction - complete kitchen & garden remodel

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I’m ‘retiring’ as a landlord and selling my property as I have had enough of thoroughly one sided set of laws & appalling tenants. Over 2 years to get them out, and counting, and they ‘offered’ to leave for £5k! or go to court.

I had the kitchen completed remodelled £45k in total (kitchen:£39k & garden £6k) I’ve replaced the boiler (£5k) and know this can’t be claimed, but where I cant find the original email & receipt for the work on the kitchen & garden, where do I stand? Can I still claim this back?

If you have the receipts somewhere then you can offset the costs against capital gains tax

Depends if they were repairs or improvements.

Improvements (extension, extra units in kitchen, or kitchen so bad you couldn’t use it when you bought the house, fence where there wasn’t one before, new landscaping etc) can be offset against capital gains.

Repairs would be set against rental income.

And if you claimed the costs against rental income in the past, obviously you can’t use them again against capital.

Ask the trades person to resend a copy?

Thanks David_22 & Cath2 (definitely improvements! :slightly_smiling_face:)

Mr_T. sadly for them, they went under 18mths ago :frowning:

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