Refurbishment during tenancy period

Hi, I have a contract with till end of the July. Middle of July landlord ripped off a kitchen and livingroom. Does anyone know if this is legal, please?

Do you have use of kitchen facilities and living room?

Did you agree to the work being carried out?

Not legal without you saying it is ok

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Hi Mark, partly. There was agreement to refurbish a kitchen not living room.

We said yes to kitchen not to living room.

Now we can not cook, wee have not where to eat.

that is not right I bet it is dusty as well I would take pictures and ask for your rent back

Hi, if you discussed how long you wouldn’t be able to cook for etc and it’s gone over that timeframe then I would expect a deduction in rent for that period at least plus compensation. Advise that LL is in breach of contract.

But as you said you agreed to kitchen refurb being done.

It will be hard to pursue it if landlord doesn’t refund it though.

Tenants typically donot like work in the property just before they leave, especially if it was long before known that they needed to be done and the landlord did not choose to do it when it would have been of benefit to the tenant during tenancy. This is seen as landlord trying to get it sorted before the next tenancy starts and for prospective viewers. If work was done at the start of your tenancy it would have been a different scenario. However, if you plan to rent after this, stay in good terms with the landlord for a reference. I wish the law stipulated time limits for urgent work and non urgent work to be carried out. It does not even say clearly that if the tenant refuses essential work and the house then is in a state of disrepair, the tenant is liable. Legal professionals gain :thinking: right or wrong, sunshine our there, may be make the best use of it for now.

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