Change to tenancy agreement


I’m after some advice please. I have been renting my 2 bed flat to two male junior doctors. Everything is fine and as agreed, one has moved out to rent with his fiancée leaving the remaining tenant wanting to stay. He is financially viable to do this, and given that the 6 month fixed period is coming to an end mid January, he’s wanting to drop onto periodic tenancy but to have his now departed Co-tenant removed from the contract.
What is the easiest way to do this. Can we amend the agreement to reflect this without him having to sign a new tenancy with a new fixed term? His job might take him elsewhere in the country, so he doesn’t want to commit to a further 6months.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

No, you can’t remove him and let the tenancy become statutory periodic, but you don’t need to remove him anyway. Each tenant is 100% responsible for ALL the rent and other liabilities, so it doesn’t matter if the other one remains there in name only, in fact it gives you someone else to go after if the remainer defaults.

David, thank you for your advice on this. It makes perfect sense. I’m sure the remainer won’t see the advantage either! :wink:

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