Charging Tenants for generating utility bills?


I own a building where we have been using a third-party company to calculate and bill tenants for their actual energy use. Tenants have been charged for this service by the third-party company in their quarterly bills and this is reflected in their tenancy agreements.

We are now going to do away with this third-party company and I am going to calculate and bill tenants. Am I legally allowed to charge tenants for my time to do this as long as I update all tenants’ tenancy agreements?


Under the tenant fees ban I wouldn’t of thought so.

You might want to consider making the tenants directly responsible for the utility bills. You would have to make a reduction in the rent to do this and since it would be a change in the tenancy agreement this would have to be done with the tenants agreement and a new tenancy agreement made out to reflect the new situation.

Be interesting to see other peoples opinions.

are you able to sub meter the place with prepaid card meters?

The layout of the building and flats make it much more practical and cost-efficient for the flats to be served by communal boilers and meters rather than a boiler in each flat. Therefore, it’s not possible for them to generate their own bills.