Check Out - damage to house number sign (plaque)

My friend’s tenant left and when the landlord visited the property, he noticed the glass plaque on the wall with the number sign has a damage (cut in the middle - not completely broken).

It is in good condition in the inventory. When the landlord asked the tenant about it, tenant says she does not know how it happened.

The plaque is outside the property on the external wall near the front garden.
Is the tenant responsible to fix it?


Yes. Tenant responsible if it happened during “her watch”.

Imagine if it were that easy to shirk responsibility by just saying I don’t know how that happened.

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As it is fitted on the external wall (front side of the property), it is hard to prove whether the tenant did it.
She can say someone may have thrown a stone to it, though they know what happened.

Correct. Just make deduction and see if it’s contested.
Or if it was a good tenant consider letting it go…

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This is the only “problem” ???

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There were a few others which she resolved herself.

She left a bike behind the bush in the garden (may she thought the landlord would not see) and this crack on the plaque which she may be thinking landlord cannot prove.