Check Out Fee (Tenancy Agreement before 2019)

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I’m here asking for advice about the 180 pounds check-out fee the estate agent asking for after we left the apartment at the end of June (we were tenants for two years). The estate agent and the tenancy agreement says that “I have to pay the cost of a check out 180 pounds at the end of the tenancy” and that the landlord did the check-in fee at the start of the tenancy. However, I also read about the illegal fees for pre-existing tenancy agreements (entered before 2019), that it is now illegal for estate agents/landlords to ask for various fees. Therefore, I am wondering: is asking for a check-out fee illegal?

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Yes you are right it is.


they will do anything to make money now fees are abolished

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Yes, this is now a prohibited payment under the Tenant Fees Act.



Its most likely for the inventory report. Usually the landlord pays for the checkin and the tenants for the checkout. So you see the landlord now has to pay for both. How long do you think landlords can sustain this as the inventory clerk still has to be paid?

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