Claiming / charging VAT

If I am a landlord and am a self employed plumber that is registered for VAT. Do I claim back VAT on the maintenance expenses for the property that is tenanted? if so does that mean I will have to charge the tenants VAT?

if you are vat registered then you have to charge vat to anyone who uses your services whether they be a company a private home a tenant or a landlord You have two hats, a Landlord and a plumber. As a Landlord you are not vat registered. so cannot claim it back .Keep out of the vat as a landlord

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You cant charge VAT for private rent, you can for commercial I understand. You cannot claim back more VAT that you charge out. I think if your plumming company owns a property then yes VAT is reclaimble on items you buy to maintain or services ie agents fees as long as it does not exceed your sales VAT. Iā€™m not an expert, I would ask a specialist accountant for definitive answer. I have looked this subject up on HMRC site however.