Tax return - what to include and from when

hi first time landlord here. I am currently living in my property but renting it out from the beginning of next month. I’ve done work on the property e.g. replaced laminate flooring, got boiler checks, and doing some painting and repair work. Can I claim these expenses before letting out my property, as its preparation work. If so how far in advance of letting out my property can I claim these expenses.

I’m also not clear what I can claim and what I can’t.

Any help much appreciated.

I don’t think you can claim for anything if you’re still living there as your principal home. Cath2 may be able to give a better answer.

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Thanks really helpful

You can claim expenses in preparation for letting, but they have to be wholly and exclusively for the rental business.

Eg, advertising costs beforec the first let, gas cert (assuming you are only getting it because you are letting the property) etc.

If you weren’t living in the property, you might be able to claim a deduction for decorating etc, but I think you would struggle living in it because it is not wholly/ exclusively for the letting. Would be a better argument if you decorated after moving out.

Some guidance from HMRC here… PIM2505 - Beginning and end of a rental business: commencement - HMRC internal manual - GOV.UK

Very helpful thank you

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