Company of tenant as guarantor

Tenant advises they will fail referencing (due to dispute over joint finance arrears with ex) but that the company they own can act as guarantor. I’m aware the guarantor can’t also be a tenant but does this apply if the guarantor is the company of the tenant?

If his company is successful, then likely he would have the ability to pay. If his company does not do well, he won’t have the money to pay, but neither would the company.

Hence, I’m not sure what this arrangement provides as an advantage.

Would it also boil down to who is listed as owning the company if its just him then surely not as stated above if its him and others surely they would have to consent

As the LL you can decide who you are happy to accept as a guarantor. Technically you don’t have to have a guarantor at all unless it is a finance/ insurance condition.

Sounds like a non-runner.

The company could just fold and void any guarantee.

Thanks for the comments, very helpful