Concerns Regarding Landlord Practices on Openrent

Mortgages have increased 13 times in the last 18 months…how can an affected landlord not pass some of this increase onto tenants. The Rental reform bill will create more unnecessary expense for all landlords, as has section 24 tax regulations and capital gains tax changes, all of which are factors causing LL to have to increase rents if they wish to remain in the business. Tens of thousands of good experienced LL are choosing to sell up and leave the Private Rental Sector as it is simply not worth the stress and hassle. Less available property to rent and more people looking for somewhere to rent, again drives prices up. Government policy is driving prices up and causing LL to leave the sector. Open rent have no control over what is driving the market.
If a tenant wishes to dispute a rent increase they may do and in the case of a section 13 increase can go to tribunal and argue their case. Open rent just offer a service to both tenants and LL but don’t actively manage any properties .


He also doesn’t know that you don’t get to choose whose opinions you get to hear on public forums.

Yet another assumptive ignoramus who doesn’t like facts.

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What exactly are you seeking? What affiliations do you have? If you’re asking for landlords to be prevented from making lawful increases then that’s not within any agent’s power. In fact the only people who can challenge unfair rent increases are the tenants using the tribunal. If you’re making a general point about the current market being unfair to tenants, then why do you think that this should be changed at the expense of landlords. You’ve made a lot of general points about landlord circumstances, but you haven’t mentioned YOUR landlords circumstances. I’ve made rent increases for my tenants of around 5% this year and will absorb the rest of the increased costs I’m facing. Many landlords are doing the same, so where is your evidence that there is widescale abuse of the market by landlords, which you seem to intimate.

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TENANT HERE! But regardless of tenant or LL the increase in rents are basic economics. All mortgage holders are faced with huge hikes in interest rates and for many LL’ could be at risk of even losing their own homes. So Yes it’s unfortunate that your landlord has decided to serve you a S21 (I’m guessing he discussed it with you, and gave you the option to take the increase?) but for many landlord their rental incomes could be their main or only source of income, and (again basic economics) therefore their outgoings will have increased just as much.So what can anyone expect?
My advice would be, that due to the rents increasing everywhere look at how rents within your area have increased and do a price comparison and I’m sure you will see that those that are available to rent now will have also increased so you can either accept your price increase or start your search for a new property but I’d put my odds on that you’re not going to find it cheaper if like for like. We have to accept nobody can help what’s happening.


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