Please share your experience with OpenRent

Hi Landlords,
Could you please share your experience if you have had OpenRent managinging your lettings in the past few years.
I am thinking of changing my currnt letting agent because I can not see what they are doing for me rather than collecting rent on which they charge 10% plus VAT monthly.

Thanks for sharing, does it worth moving to Open Rent and what are the benefits of having them to do this for me.


I have used OpenRent several times now and have been generally very happy with the service.
If you use Rent Now for £49 it will set up the tenancy, serve all the correct documentation and update you and the tenant clearly along the way.

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I also use the £10 ongoing rent collection service which is fantastic for the price.

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Thanks so much Steve, I just wanted to be sure that I can trust them with my property. I have used their platform to let one of my properties and really had a good response which turn out to be a succesful experience at the end of the day,

My understanding is that the Rent Now service is not the equivalent of a fully managed service from a regular agent, so unless you have enough legal knowledge and experience of managing a tenancy, you should consider whether this option is sufficient for you.

That might be the ideal option because of the legal knowledge required

I’m pleased enough to keep using a good service.My critism is that the site is a bit of a runaround. Familiarity helps but I only use it once in a blue moon.
OR try hard to push us into quick replies. An auto message and a acknowledgment is sufficient.It worth paying for their photo/plan service.

Always been happy with all their services, but tenants established now and apart from rent collectionI haven’t needed much in the last two years. Although am going to need them in next year.

Thanks for your confirmation

Open rent don’t manage your property. They do a rent collection fir £10 a month which I think is great and use it for mine.

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