Cost of damage repair

My first tenant is moving out but ive noted that there is 17 holes in the wall in one of the bedroom where she had tv brackets etc. Some of the holes have wider damage to plaster and concrete making it quite unsightly. I’m concerned that this will need more thsn a bit of polyfiller to rectify neatly. How much would you charge for this? Bearing in mind I’d hoped to do it myself.
Also what do others do with regards to utilities between tenant’s when needing electric and water etc to decorate etc? I don’t really want to register myself if i can help it!
Thanks in advance Joanna

You’re liable for any utilities when the tenants leave. I’m really not sure what would be of concern to you in that regard, possibly because I don’t fully understand your situation.

As for the wall, if you’re planning on doing it yourself then you can only charge cost of materials which sounds minimal. You could get a decorator or two to give you some quotes and then pay them to do a proper job if you successfully claim from the deposit.

The question I’ve got though is why you’re only asking this question now instead of immediately after the damage occurred. Did you do any inspections?

I call utility providers to advise of meter readings when tenant leaves. Not once have they billed me for the gap period between tenants. They haven’t asked me to setup an account either.

I literally just had same issue with holes. I charged £150 to cover remedial work. (Remove their bodged filler, refill, sand, blend in paint.)There were holes in a few rooms.

Yes im aware I’m liable for utilities, i just wondered whether other landlords re register themselves to carry out diy or whether they can be used minimally.
She was there 4 years and most of the damage hidden by a huge tv on the wall. I knew there would be a few, which is the norm, but im rather shocked at the amount of holes and whats left.

Not once Mark? How do you pull that off? Who pays the standing charges?

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I even volunteer to setup an account. They dont seem interested. Must be the supplier! Octopus.


Don’t really get what you mean here. There are standing charges and some even minimal utility usage. Who else is supposed to pay? The day a tenant leaves i take readings and tell utility companies. When a new tenant moves in, i do the same.

Unlike Mark, I’ve never NOT been billed. :smile:


We’re on octopus here at home and they’re pretty amazing (although not flawless). You’ve just reminded me that i need to send each of our tenants our referral link to encourage them to shift into octopus.

You’ve just given me another incentive!

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Thanks Mark, you’ve given me a rough guide of charges. Yes we’ve been with Octopus for years and always been impressed…

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If the tenants agree to a deposit deduction, you can agree any amount, so my advice, negotiate with the tenant, and once agreed make that deduction from deposit before releasing the balance.

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Thanks Karl. Thats exactly what I’m in the process of doing


That’s a first.

I used to be pestered to death to establish a new account in my name with all the necessary ID / application information. I asked them to establish a landlord account for the void periods to cover all my properties and they refused.

I will try your recommendation of Octopus.

Me too. Eon always bill my account.