Costs of cleaning

No you cannot add further deposit to cover cleaning to the deposit
five week from 1st June only…
This applies to all rents up to a value. I just split the cost of cleaning and increase the property rent from start of tenancy to cover this.

Just to follow up on this. It seems the advice I took from the MyDeposits guides on renting to tenants with pets is incorrect. It was probably incorrect, or at the very least confusing, pre 1/6/19 and it is now definitely incorrect. I have pointed this out to them and I am waiting for their response.

I have decided to return the pre paid pet bonds (as recommended by MyDeposits) to the tenants right away as these would be an unlawful charge post 1/6/20 and my experience to date is that the pets are not causing any issues.

I plan to retain the surplus deposit until there is definitive information that it needs to be returned prior to 1/6/20.

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Shame you were given bad advice by Mydeposits! I think you would only need to reimburse anything over the permitted 5 weeks deposit if you renewed the lease before 1/6/20. If it continues as periodic tenancy then you’re ok. I know Deposit Protection who I use will do all the calculations for their landlords and return the excess on renewal - so that helps a bit.

Thanks Sally. I had to refund the money because I had taken it in addition to the deposit (and not protected it) as per MyDeposits advice in their ‘Renting to Tenants with Pets’ guide. Perhaps I misunderstood the guidance, but I’ve now asked them twice to remove this guide as it is clearly erroneous post 1/6/19. They hadn’t done so when I checked last week.

Perversely, had I just charged an upfront cleaning fee, I would have been OK, but because I’d told the tenants I would return any unused money, it would count as an illegal fee charged at the time they check out. I could have held the fee until 31/5/20, but I decided just to return the money and gain some good will. The bottom line is they are happy, paying rent and the pets don’t appear to be causing any problems or doing damage.

In future I will negotiate extra rent for tenants with pets, given there are fewer landlords who accept pets. The extra rent and longer tenancies will compensate for the risk.

Interesting minefield Its no pets for me!

Yep. No pets would be simpler. Just a case of weighing up demand.

Hi Tony I’m not sure how much the clean up cost is. I have a landlord that has allowed me to rent with my 2 dogs. I’ve been here 6 months they have not Damaged the property in any way if, for example, If they broke a door. or wood different from a child or adult can do. I know you have to replace it. Mine are very well behaved. Not left alone. Unless I have an appointment eg Hospital Appointment. I’ve kept the Garden lovely. Even adding things to it. But when you leave the property it’s to be in the condition it was the day you moved in. I was charged extra for my dogs. But I will get a professional cleaner in. If or when I leave. So not all people with animals leave things different!!! with or without animals Adults or children break door right on Walls permanent marker so please give people with Animals more of a chance

Hi Selena. Please don’t think I’m anti pets, quite the opposite (see above thread). My tenants with pets pay a higher rent and stay longer. The issue is that previously landlords like me could opt to take pets and cover the risk with an extra cleaning charge or larger deposit. That’s now illegal. So, for many landlords the risk won’t be worth taking and many responsible tenants like you will find it harder to rent. I wonder if Generation Rent thought of that unintended consequence.

OpenRent’s contract includes an optional cleaning charge, which I queried, but OR say it’s legal because it’s optional, However, until it’s tested in court we won’t really know and other advice I’ve had from my landlords’ association says the opposite.

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Hi Tony. I’ve read bits about the new laws. It looks like taken away minority of landlord rights. I Honestly do feel for you all. As they investments that landlords have made. But giving tenants more rights I disagree with my self. I’ve seen the damage that my sister house was left in going back 20 odd years disgraceful.

Also my Brother owns many & again problems he dealt with. He selling of the one’s Tenants have left. The one’s he had for years with no problem they are the ones & only keeping. Which if or when they leave he is going to sell them.

I Honestly think then make a no pet rule. If you already had trouble.make life as a landlord

Less stressful.

Thanks Tony hope you find lovely Tenants

Hi to all you Landlords that have been working on discussing problems with Pets and cleaning fees, and which is the best way to go regarding allowing Tennant into your properties.
The whole subject saddens me as I have three housecats well trained and very clean. I understand how difficult it is. 20 yrs ago I had a house returned to me a complete filthy disgrace still annoys me today. They had no pets either.
However could the Tennant obtain insurance against any damage the pet may make. The I would be happy to pay an extra month rent to cover, but increasing the rent would price me out of the market I recently heard EXTRA 25 POUNDS for each animal, and that would be too much for me anyway but a months rent at the outset seems fairer to me.
There must be a lot of stress over tenants with pets but we are a pet loving nation and over 50 % of us have at least one. This is a big issue for yourselves and us prospective Tenants, would it not be better to have pet friendly properties and lower speck by that I mean lino or tiles to minimise repairs and wall coverings that are easily managed to repair.
There has to be a way to protect the landlords interest without dismissing over 50%or would be renters.

There is no criticism intended please some acceptable request other than rent for pets, and insurance I feel is a good option I would love to think this issue could be discussed and made workable for all concerned.