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Costs of cleaning


Hi, we’re about to rent our house to tenants with pets - dogs or cats. I will add something on to the deposit to cover damage and cleaning costs. Please can someone give me an idea of how much to expect to pay to have a 4-bed house cleaned. The house is outside the London area. Thanks,


Hi Tony renting to people with pets is not vary good idea there can cause damage to property so cost can vary a lot the deposit may not cover all of damaged so you need think is it worth while the headache also need have good inventory for any claim before a you give a cleaning figure you need to get quotes from cleaning company’s local to you the cost can claimed at the end of tenancy when give them the vacating instructions with you costs for cleaning charges if you have take a lager deposit ,I am not sure if can put a figure in the tenancy on start you need check with good estate agent or RLA thanks jay


Thanks. I understand all the downsides to pets, but the upside is that I get tenants who will stay longer. While I can add a clause to the tenancy that puts the responsibility and costs for cleaning on the tenants, if they don’t do it then I will need to take it from the deposit. So I just want to have an idea of costs to make sure I’m covered. My regular company is suggesting £450-500 for a 4-bed house.

Has anyone got any direct experience of costs please?


@ironman100, I would be surprised if that deposit retention clause your landlord has imposed is legal. As a landlord yourself you should know you have to return the deposit promptly. 10 days I think? BTW I’m happy to rent to tenants with pets, I just don’t want to be out of pocket for doing so.


Hey Ironman - I’m not entirely convinced that such a clause would be actionable at the end of a tenancy!

The deposit usually has to be returned within 10 days of either an agreement on how much to pay or your request for the deposit to be returned.

More info here.


Hey Tony,
Our 3-bed 3 storey house takes around 6 hours with 2 cleaners for a deep clean and costs us £30 per hour. Hope that helps! (no pets though)


Thank you that is very helpful.


Hi Tony, I would suggest 15% of the rent?


Hi Tony, The real problem I found was the need for flea and mite treatment. This is quite a large cost on top of the regular deep clean. I paid nearly £300 when tenants left without doing it, even though it was in the agreement. You could find it a bit cheaper, but you really want to be sure it’s effective. It should come with a 3 month guarantee. That is because the initial chemical treatment only kills adult fleas and a repeat trip may be needed when eggs hatch out!! I’d advise to cover yourself with at least £400 on top of a normal deposit if letting to dog/cat owners. Might let them off for goldfish!


Thank you Sally and Rosalind. Having looked at this more closely and read the mydeposits guidance, I’ve taken a £500 pre-payment for future cleaning. Although mydeposits say this should be non-refundable, I’ve agreed to refund any excess over the actual cost. This should incentivise the tenants to keep the cleaning to a minimum. The tenants are very happy with this arrangement. Mydeposits don’t consider this pre-payment part of the deposit.


to be honest often out of hygiene with a long term tenant with pets carpet shampoo hoovering is not enough and I feel out of consideration for the next tenant I should renew the carpets.

It’s also possible the landlord will pay to professionally clean the carpets and afterwards realise the pet odour still remains, especially hairs they can embed themselves into the carpet.

I had a 5 bed house of which the kitchen and living room were not carpeted, and the cost to carpet shampoo this property after a tenancy that did not include pets, was £360.

I have a 3 bed property and the cost to place new carpets in the entire house was £600.

I had a tenant recently asking to live in a property with pets, I had just spend £15k on the place so asked them to pay a pet deposit and did say they probably wouldn’t get any of it back due to needing to put new carpets in, I asked for £600.

To be honest though, £600 for me to replace all the carpets, and £600 over a 4 year tenancy works out at only £12.50 a month for the tenant extra to cover all pet costs so works out quite well doing it that way.

just my two cents

I would take a seperate ‘pet deposit’ on top of their normal deposit and explain it’s non refundable and just explain spread over 4 years it’s not a huge amount per month. I’d replace all carpets after a long term tenancy with pets.

I’d rather not take pets at all due to how they can do other damage but for it to work that’s what I would do.


After bailiffs evicted mine, I needed two new carpets (only two rooms downstairs that were carpeted) study and sitting room. It cost me £450! The carpets stank and underlay, damp dog, and study, they had left an orange rug on top which ran. So it looked like urine. Gross. Hope this helps. Good luck. (ps new tenant, no pets, I still ask for 1.5 months deposit which he happily paid!)