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Deposit cap and pets

I was just wondering, we are often asked if we will take tenants with pets and organisations like cats protection league lobby for more landlords to take them saying an extra deposit can be paid to cover any additional pet-related damage. With the 5 week cap does that mean additional deposits for pet damage are illegal?

Hi - yes, exactly. This is a problem no one seemed to talk about much during the consultation process, though it’s one that OpenRent raised with Heather Wheeler, an MHCLG minister.

Sadly, the deposit cap could indeed make it harder for pet owners to convince landlords to let to them.

But it’s unclear whether the extra deposit was ever an effective way of tackling pet damage anyway. It was more of a psychological tool tenants could use to ‘put their money where their mouth is’ when persuading the landlord that their pets were well behaved.

In theory, a dog could do far more damage than the extra ~£200 deposit could ever cover.