Council Tax Overnight Fee

I had a tenant vacate my rental Property on the 11th of the month and the new tenant occupy on the 12th of the same month. The tenants are liable for the council tax and so I thought I would not be liable for any council tax as a landlord but I have been charged a days council tax as the council say the property was empty overnight. Has anyone come across this situation before as I haven’t. The council says it is council tax law but I can not find any details on the .Gov.U.K. Website. Thanks for your time in looking at this post.

South Gloucestershire do exactly the same midday to midday even if tenant moved out 5 to midnight!

But as both tenants have paid for the whole day does this not mean that the council gets an extra days rent (ie from me as the landlord) or does the council only charge the tenants a half day until/from 12:00.

Sorry, substitute Rent for Council Tax

I had exactly the same.
They won’t charge vacating tenant for the same day, its whoever occupies at 12 am

Makes no sense.

Its the law. The person in possession of the property at midnight is liable for the CT. In this case its you.

Do some councils have no sense. It must cost them more than a day’s council tax in admin to charge for a day.

Derby has a sensible policy of not charging for the first 28 days a property is empty.

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