Monthly Council Tax. Covers previous month or month ahead?

So moved into property around 12 April. Agreed to pay council tax. Set up council tax, a bit late, but made it for 20th of next month. So DB will go out on 20th May.

Landlord has sent me bill for council tax he paid on 1st of April (asking for pro-rota payment) and also council tax paid on 1st of May. I thought the council tax deducted each month was for the month that had gone by, in which case I am not liable for the payment he made on April the 1st, and should only pay pro-rota for the payment he made on the 1st of May.

Or is it that monthly council tax payments are for the upcoming month, in which case he is obviously correct.

Advice much appreciated.

You or your landlord would normally notify your local council of your tenancy commencement date. The council would then adjust the landlord’s and your council tax bills accordingly.


Hi ,

Council tax is either divided into 10 months or 12 months. You can request this before 31st March of each year how you would like to pay, or you can pay all in one go. If you chose monthly installments, you pay for the upcoming month. For example for June, you have to pay before 1st June.
I left the property on 5th April and for 31st March to 5th April I received my last bill of approx £15. Depending of when you leave, you will get a bill for the remaining days.

I hope that helps.

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I always tell the council when tenants moved in or out. If there are any days when the property was empty, then the landlord is liable for these days.
I don’t see how the landlord can charge you pro rata, the council should do that.
It happened once that the tenants told the council the wrong move in day, I told them the right day, had to show the tenancy agreement as evidence, and then the council issued me a credit note and a bill to the tenant.
I’d say tell the council the correct day when you moved in and the council should adjust the bills.

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Check your tenancy agreement to make sure who is liable for council tax - tenant or landlord. Usuall the tenant is liable and the other replies have explained the best course of action in this case.

You have given the council your move in date. The council will take the tax due from that date in 10 or 12 equal instalments by direct debit for the rest of the year or until you move out if sooner. If you move out sooner tell the council and they will adjust it correctly.

If the property was empty of furniture and unoccupied before you moved in, there should have been no tax to pay. Either way, it’s the landord’s responsibility not yours. If you pay from the 12th, he will get a refund.

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