Create Contract Without Holding Deposit

How can I create the contract without taking a holding deposit? I understand that I can create the contract myself but I would like to use the OpenRent process but just don’t want to take the holding deposit.

Why don’t you want to take a holding deposit?

That’s the Openrent procedure. Do it, or do your own thing outside of Openrent.

The holding deposit doesn’t cost the tenant more money, as it’s then deducted from 1st months rent.

Did you get this resolved? I didn’t really understand the process, took the holding deposit myself and did my own referencing using the usual agency I use.

I’m now stuck with no option to progress the tenant to “create contract”. It’s stuck on “request holding deposit”/“Order referencing”.

Return the holding deposit to the tenants. Tell them to re-pay this via Openrent. You can skip the referencing stage since you’ve already done this and go straight to the contract process.

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