Credit check documents

We are in process of renting the property
We had a viewing and landlord is asking us

  1. to pay 1 week deposit on her bank . account.
    she send me her details via email.
  2. Ni number, copy of pasports, where are we lived in the past 3 years, where are we working, all payslips and 6 months bank statements to be sent directly yo her email, she sad that she want to do reference checking by herself
    She sent an email with all this information and that we need to send this back to her email.
    Could you please tell if it is normal ?
    Looks like she is doing something illegal.

Do not pay the one week deposit for "reference " check. All else ok

Does she mean a holding deposit whilst she reference checks you?
That is legal
Asking you to pay for the reference check is not


She send me her bank details directly, and she wants me to pay 1 week deposit on her bank account, she doesnt want to use place deposit option here.
And she wants all documents to be send to her directly too.
Looks like she is doing something illegal.

All the things she’s asking for are normal, however, you should always ask for proof of ownership of the property or right to let it before paying anything.

I ask for documents and deposit to be sent directly
This is not illegal
I use the site to advertise not to use the contract etc
That is the landlord choice
Email and ask her if she will do it through the website

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Nothing illegal.

The deposit she is asking for is a holding deposit (anything else is illegal) and it counts towards your rent if you proceed or should be returned to you if you are rejected. If you pull out you forfeit it

The documents required are perfectly “normal” for some landlords who want to do it themselves. You have to decide if you want your landlord to have all that info at this stage and why she wants to save £20 in referencing? Not sure why she asks for your NI number though - that is not standard.

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I ask for NI number
If she leaves in arrears you can always trace someone through their NI number either benefits or employment
Tessa Shepperson advocates it

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Nothing wrong here in terms of the information asked for and for it to be sent to their personal email address. I do this all the time and I am explicit with tenant that the information will not be shared with any third party unless I am required to by law under the guidance of a competent agency. You need to be certain that the deposit is a ‘holding deposit’ as described above. Anything else is illegal. Also ask where you actual tenancy deposit will be held. If it is not in a government approved scheme then this is illegal (unless you are renting space in the same building that the landlord lives in - take advice).

You can always trace someone either way.

When I rented I would’ve refused and found a better landlord if they asked intrusive information for no good reason. No legitimate need for a landlord to hold an NI number. Just because we can, we shouldn’t.

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i always ask for NI Number ,for checks and trace ,if needed


Do you take payment by checks?

I take cash (KING) and DD or SO no cheques unless cleared , no internet banking either .

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When you say no internet banking, what do you mean?
Is there any difference between a DD, SO, or FASTERPAYMENTS TRANSACTION?
Technically there is a difference, but is the latter option any less secure?

As an individual he can’t have a direct debit into someone else’s account, so that’s a bit odd.

As for whether a payment is a standing order or not he wouldn’t know as it wouldn’t say when the money arrives. It could just be a normal payment.

It’s very odd to say he doesn’t accept internet banking but DD and SO. I’d say 90% of young people use internet banking to set up their DD, SO and other payments.


simple folks I will not accept any money to my businesses by someone using their smart phone and saying I will put it straight into your bank. I do not do internet banking myself… I pay all bills cash or cheque to utilties . I have NEVER used a cash machine. I have people I know who pay by s o into my bank .I will never let a stranger do that . Only trust yourself.

So you take cash only? This means that you’ll have to visit your tenant every week/month! That wouldn’t be workable for me.

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Some pay cash and have a rent book. Monthly. Long standing ones or friends pay into my bank. I personally never use paypal or pay over the net or over the phone People who come for insulation cash only, never phone transfers . Or they can just leave without the product

You are obviously a tenant, because OpenRent asks you for proof of ownership before they will allow you to advertise the property. I would worry however if you saw a property on GumTree…

The problem with any online referencing is that you get a report that says passed or failed at the end but usually you do not get to see the information. You might get a ccj because somebody has split up from their partner and there is a good reason for the ccj. I have a tenant that has been with me for a long time that had this problem. After discussion I decided to take a chance and it was the right decision. On the other hand I have had falsified payslips etc which if I had used a cheap online referencing company that churns through lots of stuff everyday, it would probably not have been picked up. The referencing creates a picture of the tenant so the landlord can make a decision if they want to let the property to that person.