Right to Rent check

My East European landlady (whom I barely know) tells me that OpenRent require me to supply her with a copy of my passport. I was born and bred in the UK, as my credit referencing proved. Do I have a right to refuse, as I feel very uncomfortable about it? It seems both needless and risky.

I have already moved in by the way, so it’s a bit late.

All landlords need to do right to rent checks and take copies to evidence to show they have done this. The only other option would be to provide alternative documentation which would normally be driving license and birth certificate. There are other docs which you can Google.

If you refuse any decent landlord/lady would have to reject your application.


The tenancy has already started. And what about the dangers of identity theft? I don’t think tenants should have to do this on top of credit and background checking - after all, they often barely know their landlords, and the latter can’t all be trusted by any means. It’s all just getting too much.

Sorry, John_Robert, but the landlord has to ensure they don’t breach the Immigration Act or they could go to prison for up to 5 years. Landlords don’t like doing them any more than you like having them done.


Landlords barely know new tenants either


Yes, but tenants have already been reference-checked within an inch of their lives, so landlords have a degree of protection - tenants have very little means of finding out about landlords.

ask them . I am a landlord 40 years. my tenants can check on me if they wish . I dont care if they do


Ps all you need to do is pay £20 to a credit check company to check if the landlord has any CCJ S and his credit rating. You do not need to know his income as he is not paying you. So you can check him within 2 inches of his life . You can also find if he owns the property thru Land Registry for a small fee

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A reference check, even one that checks Right to Rent doesnt absolve the landlord of the legal responsibility unless the referencing agency or letting agent sign a form to say they accept legal responsibility. I’m afraid the legislation is quite specific. You won’t find much disagreement with your point on here, but you need to direct it at the right target - the Home Office

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Equal ops mate. You cant have it both ways. I was born and bred in the UK as well but I’m not quite sure what the bred bit means. My east European and British tenants have been happy to provide me with photo id before we sign on the dotted line. I even show them my id so that they know that I am the owner. Suppose you know how they feel now.


its a funny word …bred… better to say born and raised.?

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Who really cares! I probably won’t post again on here as landlords just pile in against tenants.

“pile in against tenants”… you are wrong. I have two tenants who ave been with me for 22 years.in different properties others for 8 or 9 years Good people… . We pile in against local councils…, tenants who lie… and tenants who dont pay their rent …


There are numerous landlords on here who have taken their time to give excellent, sympathetic, unbiased advice to tenants who are experiencing problems including yourself.

Your question was do you have to provide evidence to your landlord for them to carry out a Right to Rent check which is a legal requirement which David122 answered.

You then carried on with a ‘yes, but…’

If not being able to change the law is ‘piling against tenants’ then I apologise on behalf of everyone.

Personally I would take it as a good sign if a landlord is seeking to follow the law.


It does not matter even credit check it’s done and tenancy started but even with credit check report it remind landlord/landlady to get a copy of passport.

Please try to remember that these are government rules so you have to give proof of ID.

Please note that you can also check the requirements by yourself -how to rent guide on gov.uk website

I always say to the tenant even I have done the basic check and even the person is born and bred and British I just say it you need to provide the copy.

Also I got a check list for all documents checked and given to tenants and signed before I give a set of keys tenants after all signed.
But please note if the landlady have give you property to manage to agents then tenancy has signed that in that case landlord/landlady can ask the proof of ID afterwards.

Also you have to remember that owner does not know you either but renting his/her property to you as well as.

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You live in her house, what is wrong with providing your ID? you started with racist sentence, “My East European landlady (whom I barely know) tells me that OpenRent require me to supply her with a copy of my passport. I was born and bred in the UK, as my credit referencing proved…”

When you own property nor you tenant, where you/she come from dose not matter, you provide your passport or full driving licence, evidence of income, references etc
It is very small risk for your landlord/lady to use your id for fraud .
I will never rent a flat/house without having a copy of your ID. She let you move believing you have no problem providing and you don’t have to know the landlord in person if there is a contract.


Before we advertise with open rent, landlords are requested to send documents as proof of ownership