Current council system stinks

So my tenant won’t move out on date agreed because then she is deliberately making herself x4 kids homeless. She is waiting to hear if council will assist her. So she gets to stay in my house rent free until my forms finally get to court.Possibly months …then she gets to live rent free for a further 14 days for her to reply. Then and only then I can book a date for bailiffs.
If she leaves as agreed because I exercised my right to use a 2month get out clause, the council will not help her. Surely there has to be a better way . Signed a worried, financially concerned , frustrated landlord of my one and only home.

legal 4 landlords mite be able to help u but ive never had this problems with the council sorry

Thanks Martin on holiday currently. Not ideal as no rent coming in , but I didn’t know that when I booked it last January!!

Hi Juliet, yes councils can be pretty bad at this.

The rules were recently changed to make sure councils assist people before they become homless, but, as in your case, it seems like not all local authorities are doing this property.

Please do read this fantastic summary of the new rules. It should help you if you have to remind the council of their duties!

I feel for you. Yes there really should be a better way. I’m not rich by any means, this is my income, why are the tenants, courts, council allowed to drag their feet, whilst my bank balance goes down, and I dont have the money to pay my mortgage. And I have to put my eviction solicitors fees on my credit card.