Custom Contract Clauses

Hello everyone,

This will be my first time letting out my property. I wondered if any landlords recommended I add in any additional custom contract clauses and if so, what in particular?

I will be letting my property out furnished.

Thank you in advance.

Adding to what? It depends what the template your using already covers.

TBH unless you are legally trained I would not recommend you start tinkering with legal documents.

I do add custom clauses but only for very specific things. For example we sometimes provide a TV in which case i add a clause to avoid any ambiguity about who pays for the TV licence.

In some of our properties we have shared utility supplies with sub meters so we have to bill them. We add a clause about that.

For most properties custom clauses are not necessary.

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If there is something you want agreed then create a clause for it. Don’t ignore something that needs to be agreed.
If you need the door painted purple once a week then get it in the agreement or else it has not been agreed.

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