Dealing with damp issues

Hello. I am hoping someone can help. I am a first time landlord and have one small flat that I rent out. My tenant has told me of damp/wet walls (outer walls). I looks to me like rising damp but I don’t know how to go about getting this diagnosed and repaired without getting ripped off.
the walls are about 2m length in the lounge and about 1.5 in the bedroom.
Thank you

rising damp as the name indicates rises up about 3 feet at ground floor and then peters out I assume this is a ground floor flat… It will need a silicone injection and 3 foot plaster re doing in a waterproof sand/cement mix , then skimmed up… first tho is there a rainwater pipe nearby, leaking? overflowing in the rain? Drain gulley damage? gutter leaking?

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Great answer from Collin!

A property care professional also wrote this post about damp for us recently.


Thank you for this info. I’ve decided to get a survey done by a reputable company. Just hoping it isn’t going to cost a fortune and can be done easily for both my and the tenants sales.
I can’t see any issues with the gutters outside. It is a ground floor flat and I am wondering if the adjoining garden is maybe too high (above the level it should be) as I’ve heard this can also cause issues.

The dampcourse of the brickwork should be 150mm above the outside ground

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