Damp walls + Molds ? Time to leave the House?

Hi All.
In my flat, Mold is spreading on two of the bedroom walls despite the complaint I sent to my landlord during the summer. First, the walls started getting wet and it could even be seen from the inside of my room during the summer (During April). Even though I have informed the landlord, his caretaker had a look at it and told me that he got nothing to do as it is an old house.

Now the situation has gone worst. To heat up the room, i bought even an electric heater as the existing radiator isn’t powerful enough. I take every possible way to keep the home warm but still the mold is growing on wet walls.

I am thinking about whether it’s time to move out as my LANDLORD IS NOT ATTENDING TO IT?

What’s your opinion pls???

Drying clothes a lot inside?
Tried dehumidifiers?
If you are convinced you’ve done all you can yourself then maybe it’s time to move on.
“House being old” is a lazy man’s opinion! He needs a new caretaker if thats all he can muster up.
Black mould will need removing totally otherwise will spread.

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Are those walls external? Did you look outside? Any indication of water might be getting in? Overflowing gutters, cracked rendering etc. I usually look when it is lashing down which can show extreme cases.


Thanks. In fact, i do clothes drying inside as i do not have a backyard. But never inside this bedroom. Provide reasonable ventilation whereas i can, Don’t have a dehumidifier though. Currently, i am removing the mold by myself , until landlord do something about it.

Thanks. Yes, they are external walls. But seems alright from the outside.

Then it is probably internal humidity condensing on the walls( but there is not much you can do on old properties without major work). I live in an old property and can feel condensation on walls some certain times. Even a good night sllep will end up on walls :slight_smile: . As we spealk I am running a dehumidifier myself and it is a good practice and helps to keep condensation under control as this leads to mould. To be honest your landlord cannot do much about this and it needs to be managed. I would probably gift my tenant a dehumidifier to help. Running a old house is running an old car - they will not be as efficient as todays new builds. If you think you are not prepared or have time to manage this , I suggest you move onto a more modern build as moving to similar property will not solve your problem. But it nees to be tackled otherwise it will cause more problems.


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