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My tenant has finally left on the date of the s21 but now as she has left the property in a mess, IE carpet needs to be deep cleaned, bathroom is disgusting and filthy and so is the kitchen

I’m going to deduct money from her deposit, if I do, do I need to show proof IE invoices/reciepts as to what the money was spent on or no



I think you need to have an inventory with photos evidencing the condition of the property before and after as well as any receipts for cleaning. The deposit scheme you use will have advice on their website on how to successfully make a claim against the tenants deposit. If you don’t have sufficient evidence don’t waste time and energy pursuing it. The cost of having inventories conducted before and after would probably outweigh the cleaning costs anyway. Just be thankful there’s no damage.

Of course you need Receipts . You will not be paid for your time . You can be paid for invoices if proven

In what state T will leave your place is always a guessing game - the same way as waiting for the second month’s rent. Will they pay? Will there be a problem?

For years we cleaned T’s mess after they left without complaining and taking any money from deposit. This year is the first when we decided to put our foot down. We got tired putting up with all that disrespect. And when TT are made aware that not cleaning may cost them, they start to listen.


the flat is a mess, kitchen/bathroom/carpet they all need to be thoroughly deep cleaned seems like the T couldnt be bothered to clean during the entire tenancy and the toilet well lets not go there, seems never once used bleach, i had to unblock it as it was that bad and they have left a bed frame in there

im wondering if i clean it can i claim money back or can i only claim it back if i go with a professional company who can give me VAT reciept

Deposit claims are compensation for a loss, so the normal rule is that you show evidence of the amount of that loss and if its convincing, the deposit scheme awards you your costs. You don’t actually have to have the work done. Having said that, my understanding is that cleaning is treated differently. I suggest you have an initial conversation with the deposit scheme.

Do not use Reposit ! Very harsh on landlords. Not recommended at all.

Their adjudicator will deny most claims for compensation. And the standard of compensation is very low, no matter where you are - London or a small village. Even if is entirely the tenant’s responsibility and the landlord will be required to pay part of the compensation. Even if you have submitted an VAT receipt, they will not pay you in full. Only the compensation confirmed by them will be paid.

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If I understand it correctly, either party can refuse adjudication through DPS in favour of caourt proceedings. Not long ago we had a member on our LL association telling us that she won the court compensation against the decision of DPS (MyDeposits). Court has awarded her all the costs requested plus cost of legal proceedings

Good thing about such approach, LL doesn’t need to chase T who disappeared but deals with organization that has a legal address and is worried about any CCJ. They usually pay up and pay up fast. We had a similar experience with a mobile phone company who sold us a dodgy phone.

i just had a word with the estate agent who found the tenant for me, there going to let me know if the T is going to dispute the deduction

I find it’s always best to have the property professionally cleaned before a tenant moves in and to require them to have it professionally cleaned when they move out. Saves all this fuss and nonsense.

so typical the tenant is not willing to pay for the cleaning so now she has up to 3 months to dispute it with mydeposits

what do you guys suggest to do now

You can only really go ahead with the cleaning keep chasing the claim.

apparently chatting to an ex housing officer, you can get the agent to ask the deposit company to come round the property and take evidence of how bad the place is and use it as evidence for my case, is this true? if this is the case i will ask them to come round as tbh the agent hasnt been very helpful at all

ok i talked to mydeposits live chat and they can offer this service ie to come round and view the state of the property and use it as evidence for my case if she does decide to dispute it, they have 3 months to dispute

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