Deposit return, many issues

Hi all

Looking for some advice.

I moved out of my property about 6 weeks ago. Chased the landlords for 2 weeks before being told they want to deduct about £185 for repainting and professional clean.

Issue 1: i have misplaced all the original documents they sent. My fault.

Issue 2: i cleaned the property myself, to a good standard. I have asked for proof of the professional clean being completed. Still waiting.

Issue 3: i can no lo ger find my deposit on any of the protection schemes. CAB advised it should remain in one until a decision is reached on the amount to be returned.

Issue 4: i received 2 different inventories from the start of tenancy. One before i moved in, one after. I know the one after i moved in happened because i met the clerk. Both state marks on the walls and not painted recently and ive stated this to the landlord saying i wont pay for painting. I know the deposit was protected because i checked before and it was there, but now it doesnt show.

They are quite slow to reply and im just getting frustrated with more issues arising. I will keep on at them but wonder if i have any grounds to claim back more?
I did this previously with an old landlord who never protected the deposit, you can claim back up to 3x but i was kind and asked for 2x, which i received.


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The deposit is your money and its for the landlord to make a case to retain any of it. If its still protected in a deposit scheme then the scheme itself will ask you if you agree with the deductions. If you don’t then they will adjudicate and check the inventory, photos etc. If its not still protected in a scheme then the landlord has an even bigger problem as you say.

Keep on at them and mention that you can’t find it when searching any of the deposit schemes.

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