Deposit for renewal (DPS)

One of my tenants (lead) is moving out, but the other one is staying. They’ve requested refund of the deposit through DPS, but how the deposit for the renewal will be collected?

Hi @Milena2 - We have a guide for this process, namely when changing a tenant with a DPS deposit, here:

You should receive guidance via the site as your proceed with your renewal. There is a guide for the renewal process generally here:


Do they have a joint tenancy? If so then one tenant cannot just move out unilaterally. If the tenancy is periodic they can serve notice to end it for both. Alternatively, if you agree with this move then you and all tenants can sign a deed of surrender as they leave. You would then need to create a whole new tenancy for whoever remains if you are happy that they can afford the whole rent on their own.

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