Deposit Increase and Contract Renewal

Hi, I am renting via a private landlord. My AST fixed term contract is ending and we have agreed to a new rent increase in accordance with the rent review clause. My landlord will be issuing a new contract and he is asking me to top up the difference in the deposit in line with the last 2 rent increases. Is this okay? The initial rent was: £1600 which increased to £1700 a year later and he didn’t ask for a top up then, but issued a new contract. Now we are in the latest year and the rent is now £1870 pm. The initial deposit was: £1870 and he is asking me for £311 top up for the deposit/difference. Can anyone help I just want to ensure that he is following the rules. I know that my initial deposit was/is protected when I first signed a few years ago, but I’m not sure what he needs to do annually as he has always issued a new contract as a part of rent increases.

Your other post says you are the landlord! Which is it?

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