Deposit not returnedposted in error

Apologies. Posted inverror

Assuming your tenancy ended when you say and it was monthly, then 1 month is the lawful minimum period and the landlord is allowed to charge a month’s rent. They can charge less if they wish, but are not obliged to.

Yes, what the LL has done is completely above board but I would argue somewhat unfair unless there is proof of actual loss of income. ie. there was tenant lined up to take over the property immediately after you would have vacated but as you did not leave, the new tenant backed out.

If you had a contract to move into your new place and it was due to error on their part, then surely they are technically responsible for any costs you have incurred by overstaying.

Agree that unless there was a tenant lined up it seems a bit harsh for LL to charge a full month but if they did you a favour by releasing you early maybe they are fed up with it all by now.

Quite possibly they had trades people lined up, appointments for viewings, taken time off work etc. and it has genuinely inconvenienced them.